The Perfect Master Bedroom

Since we moved two weeks ago, I have been on the hunt for ideas for the Master Bedroom. I would like a comfortable retreat that is not too formal, a little bit sophisticated and chic, a definite No Kid Zone, with just simple luxuries. You would be amazed how difficult this look is to find.

I am not much for the “bed in a bag” decorating, since I prefer a more unique look. I enjoy the eclectic style but not too eclectic. Nor am I the super frilly, lacy type. I did that as a teenager. So what’s left?

One of my favorite places for ideas is Pottery Barn. I like their mix of antique and modern looks, although I don’t have a Pottery Barn sized budget to work with. I love their ideas, but then I scope out antique stores, thrift and junk stores to find the look that I want. I did discover something new though, on the Pottery Barn website. They now have decorating videos. I didn’t think I they would be much different than the Pottery Barn Decorating books (which were terrible by the way), but they videos are great. My favorite one is on making a perfect bed:

The spray bottle idea is great! Wrinkle free bed linens, wow, what a concept!
Some of the other important things they do but don’t mention in the video include the use of a foam pad on top of the mattress, and covering the box spring with a matching sheet for a clean look. One hundred percent cotton sheets or even bamboo sheets are a must. If you have never slept on them you will never go back to the blends. Trust me on this. Multiple bed pillows with varied pillow cases create interest, and a big, fluffy comforter is essential no matter what the season.
I also notice they always have an accent throw to add texture or color to the whole ensemble. They even use a round bolster pillow behind the regular ones to bring them forward, giving them a fuller look. Very clever.
I was in their store recently and loved their bedding display:
I really liked the ladder suspended on ropes behind the bed. Yards of fabrics are draped from it. I think it would be beautiful with sheer fabrics. Extra pillows and blankets could be displayed above the ladder. Now all I need is a ladder……..
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3 thoughts on “The Perfect Master Bedroom

  1. I know Macy's carries the bamboo sheets, Lands' End and The Company Store both have good quality 100% cotton ones. I have also found good sheets from time to time at TJ Maxx and Home Goods Stores. Look for a thread count of at least 300, anything less will be rather disappointing. They will probably run about $50.00 and up for a set of queen size, but they will last for years! Good Luck!

  2. More info: Sheets are usually labeled with the fabric content and thread count. Generally, the higher the count, the softer the sheets and the finer the thread. Cheap sheets can have thread counts as low as 200 threads per inch. They are course, and usually shrink a great amount in the wash. I am picky, I never buy sheets unless they have a thread count of at least 400. Some very high quality

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