Wishing Tree

It’s Saturday night, time for wine and cheese! We discovered this great little wine store near by call the Verona Wine Cellar, love it! Nice selection, friendly service, they even have free wine tastings on Fridays! We stopped in to try something new and were very impressed!

I generally lean towards wines that are from warm weather regions like California, Australia, Italy or Chili. For what ever reason, those seem to be my favorites. So, I was automatically attracted to this Western Australian 2007 Shiraz from The Wishing Tree. It is fabulous! Described as being “medium red color, with cherry and black raspberry aromas” it is smooth and tasty, almost like a grenache. A great bargain at $9.88 per bottle. This wine received a 5 star rating from Wineaccess.com. You can also order it online at their website, here’s the link:


We are serving it with Wisconsin Havarti and Co-Jack cheeses. Fresh grapes on the side make for a real treat. Curl up on the couch with your loved ones and enjoy the evening!

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