31 Days of Nutella Anniversary Blog Giveaway

Can’t believe it’s been a year! At this point this blog is averaging over a thousand page views per month, with all time views of nearly 5000! Thank you so much for reading! 

I am having so much fun, I look forward to blogging as often as possible. I have always wanted to be a writer!
(If you are one of my children, I just know you are my page viewers, love you guys!)

Today, we are also half way through my 31 days of Nutella challenge. Time to celebrate! Hope you have been enjoying reading, and eating. I decided to do something special to commemorate my progress so far on this project.  I am going to give away a large 26 oz. jar of Nutella to one lucky winner so you can try out all these good foods. Sound good?

Here’s how it works. You can register by leaving me a comment on this post, stating your favorite recipe and why it’s your favorite. You have until midnight Thursday, July 19th to register. Then I will select a winner at random and send it out to you completely free, my treat!

Just a note: I do not receive any compensation from the Ferrero company that makes Nutella. I am just having fun creating good food for friends and family, and Nutella just happens to be one of my things in the whole world right now. You would be amazed at how our family and friends have been popping into the kitchen and asking, “Soooo, what are you making today?”

I forward to reading your comments! Just to let you know a little secret, there will be more give aways in the weeks to come!

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