Day 23: Nutella Popsicles

I haven’t made Popsicles in a long time. My boys seem to be past that age where they love to eat them. But, since it is still hot outside, I decided to indulge myself anyway. I like my Popsicles dairy free, and you can really make them with just about anything you have laying around. Milk, Almond milk, coconut milk, rice milk, Kefir, yogurt, protein powder, fruit, jam, pudding, jello, you name it, it works. Today I am using just a few things: Nutella, Raspberry Kefir, and Chocolate Almond Milk.

Blend 3 cups of Kefir, 2 cups chocolate almond milk, and 1/4 cup Nutella.

Pour into the bottom of your plastic cups so they are about 1/3 full. Partially freeze for 1 hour.

Add the sticks and freeze for several hours or overnight.

I cheated, I used plastic spoons which aren’t all that practical, but that was what I had on hand and I didn’t feel like running around trying to find Popsicle sticks. My boys don’t care.

By the way, I came across this Nutella coupon link on Facebook. I didn’t know Facebook had coupons, did you? I am probably the only one on the planet who didn’t know this.

Click here for the coupon.


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