Nutella Day 5:Banana Boats

It was another blistering hot day today here in Wisconsin. It made me think of camping in far off places that are cool and comfortable. I was inspired to remake an old campfire favorite with Nutella.

Here’s what you need: bananas, mini-marshmallows, Nutella, and foil.

The first order of business is to slice the banana right through the peel from top to bottom. Don’t peel the banana.

I slightly squeeze the ends of the banana to get it to open up a bit so you can stuff the inside.

I added two heaping teaspoons of the Nutella.

Then sprinkle in the marshmallows. There are no rules here, indulge yourself.

Wrap it up in foil, but be sure that the cavity is well covered, you don’t want any of the good stuff leaking out. Traditionally, this is when you put the whole thing in the coals of your campfire. However, I have an easier solution.

I put them on the grill for 5-10 minutes. You could also stick them in your oven, that is if your house isn’t a million degrees like mine is right now.

They just need to warm enough to melt all the Nutella and marshmallows. Love it!
Believe me, they won’t stick around long. 
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