Nutella Day 6: Frycakes

These are Fry cakes. If you have never seen a Fry cake before, don’ t despair, Fry cake is Greek for plain doughnut. Well, not really. But these are plain doughnuts. They are made fresh every day from our local grocery store bakery in the Miller and Sons Supermarket here in little Verona, WI. They have been in business for over 100 years. Their Fry cakes are the most fabulous things you have ever tasted, and they are a major steal at $.40 each. Yup, MAJOR steal. What can you buy for $.40 cents today? Not much.
Now, I know that Fry cakes also come powdered, glazed and even frosted with sprinkles, but they are just too sweet for me. I smeared my share of Fry cakes with Nutella, and I loved it. Don’t ask what the calorie count amounts to, but I am sure the grams of protein must make up for it. They were completely delicious. Add an iced coffee and you are set for the day.
miller and sons
Miller and Sons Supermarket is located at 210 South Main Street, Verona, Wisconsin. Phone is (608) 845-6478.
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