Nutella Ice Cream: Day 3

It is miserably hot outside here. The heat index was 110 degrees today. Not fun. I am one of the few Americans who actually had to suffer and work today on our nation’s holiday. Poor me. I am making myself feel better with chocolate, as usual. Actually, it’s Nutella Ice Cream.

This is a very simple dish, you will love. All you need is an avocado, a frozen banana, and Nutella. I buy my bananas in the day old produce and stick a bunch of them in the freezer with the peels still on. Then I pull one out at a time, and let it sit for a couple of minutes on the counter. Hence, the frosty banana in the photo. The inside of the banana is frozen perfectly, so don’t let the dark peel scare you.

I use my little Ninja to make the ice cream, but a blender or food processor would work as well. I scoop out the inside avocado and save the shell to serve the ice cream in. It probably works better to cut the avocado into smaller pieces, mine was rather chunky. I like chunky.

The frozen banana peels easily, add it to the mix.
Then add 2 tablespoons of Nutella. I know you conservative types are freaking out right now, but trust me on this.
Grind it all up, and PRESTO you have made your Nutella Ice Cream. Easy, huh?
I scooped it back into the empty avocado shell to serve. I also drizzled a bit of chocolate sauce on the plate and added some mint for garnish. Well, okay I lied. I used molasses because I was out of chocolate sauce, and basil because I don’t have any fresh mint, but who can tell?
This made two generous servings. I of course had to eat the overflow or the picture just wouldn’t look good. 
My family loved the custard like favor, they also wanted to know if it came in larger servings. AHHHH, no.
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