Sweet and Salty: Nutella Day 4

Today, I found myself craving salt. After being outside in the 100 degree heat, and sweating profusely, I was in desperate need of salt replacement. And chocolate.

I used to work in a chocolate shoppe. One of our best selling items was potato chips that were hand dipped in chocolate. I always wondered what people liked about this combination. Then, when we studied Advanced Human Biology we learned that placement the sweet and salty taste buds are actually next to each other on the front of the tongue. That’s makes the sweet salty combination incredibly satisfying. Who knew?

So there you have it. I love lightly salted plain tortilla chips dipped in Nutella. My favorite brand of chips is Kirkland Signature Brand. They are sold at Costco in a giant bag for $3.99, but are made Mission Tortillas (which by the way is also my favorite brand of tortillas). I celebrated my day of accomplishment (we packed boxes all day for our pending move) with a cute cocktail napkin and a great snack. What have you accomplished today? It’s time to celebrate!

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