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I am grossly behind in my posts this week, largely due to a flu bug which came to visit us last week. I had plans to work on the living room project, but since it didn’t involve painting and I had another room that did, and the other room was JUST BEGGING to be painted, I caved in and have been working on it instead. I named it the Teen Bedroom project. Here’s a peak:

This is what the room looked like before:

Pretty blah, non-descript kind of room. Just didn’t look like a guy’s teen hang out, especially with rather raunchy, minty green carpet. The walls were actually sort of a blue grey shade. This room gets lots of light with it’s southern exposure, but it’s almost too much light. It sort of glares at certain times of the day. Like when your teen is trying to sleep in on Saturday morning. Just not very restful. Or masculine.

So here’s the thing. Our son knew he wanted a deeper green shade for the walls. I chose to intensify the palette a bit that I picked out for the house by going a bit deeper and a bit greener than the shade on the palette. Are you with me?

Then, I threw caution out the window when I scored a gallon of this vibrant, deeper green on sale in the paint Goof section of Menards. If you haven’t heard of a paint goof, take notice! I got this gallon on sale for $4.00. Yup, 4 bucks. So how will this work?

I had the paint chip color that I wanted in my purse. Even though this shade is slightly darker, and slightly muddy, I knew it would work. I also got a quart of dove grey on sale for $2.00 at the same time. Are you with me?

The reason paints are marked down and put in the “Goofs” section is because the person mixing the paint accidentally put too much pigment in for the desired color. If you know anything about paint, you will know that if you add to much pigment, the color will look funny, rather muddy. There is no lightening up these colors. However, you can SLIGHTLY correct it by mixing in a light grey shade. This will only improve things so much, but it can make an unpalatable color, palette-able. Are you still with me?

So, I added a quart of dove grey, which actually resembled the bluish color on my original palette. Then I added a drop of the off white, which is the hallway color outside this room, just to get the colors to complement each other. This is the color that I got:

I will call it Olive Leaf Extract after the herbal tinctures that I feed my kids when they are sick. It’s slightly deeper than my original, but a bit richer, and more in depth. I love how it looks with the other wood tones in the room. Even that scuzzy carpet looks better. It’s funny, but I was on the Pottery Barn website today, and found a very similar color. Yes, I could have spent the $40.00 and gotten the exact color paint as my paint chip, but where’s the fun in that?

I am still putting the finishing touches on this room, tune in again for the big reveal!

So far my expenses look like this:
Curtians and rods 20.00
paint walls 6.00
chair 20.00
communication center above desk  2.50
duvet and pillows   0.00
white sheets 0.00
pictures on wall 22.00
Frames 0.00
Miscellaneous car parts 0.00

Mystified? It will all make sense, I promise!

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