31 Days of Pintrest DIY: Day 1, Antiquing with Shoe Polish

For the next 31 Days, I am going to be blogging on Pintrest DIY projects. Here is my first project: how to antique using shoe polish.
Antiquing with Shoe Polish|Designers Sweet Spot|www.designerssweetspot.com
I love Pintrest. I am always inspired when I search that site. There are so many talented people out there, it’s amazing.
So, here is my first bit of inspiration. I love the above cabinet. It’s got just the right amount of vintage appeal.
Antiquing with shoe polish shelf

Here is my project. A little less appealing in the beginning.

I love junk. Have I mentioned that? It calls to me when I least expect it and I am powerless to refuse refuse. Perhaps it’s because my family has been around the antique business for a long time, and it’s just become a genetic problem. I can’t be sure. At any rate, I am hearing the call of junk a lot lately for some reason.

I found this piece on the curb recently. It’s not very old, but it has great details that I couldn’t refuse.

The sides and front are made of solid wood, the back and the shelves seem to be particle board. I can live with that, since I am planning to use it for extra storage in The Boys Lounge (my sons bedroom). It’s missing all the drawers and even part of one of the shelves. After a good scrubbing, I realized the paint wasn’t really in such bad shape. It actually already had an antique sort of look to it, but it needed a little help.  I decided to give a new technique a whirl.

Did you know you can use Kiwi Shoe Polish to polish unfinished or finished wood? Neither did I! But I got out my shoe polish recently to fix up some shoes and just happened to read the back of the container. The manufacturer recommends it. Who knew? I have had this can of shoe polish and little applying tools sitting around FOREVER. So, I decided to try it.

Antiquing with shoe polish shelf

It went on easily with the little polishing tool. I didn’t even need rubber gloves. I loved the way it slid over the chipped surface of the paint making it look even older. The sponge really worked great on all the grooves and molding details.

As I worked, I decided to keep the coverage a bit uneven. I used more polish on the details I wanted to emphasize, less on those I didn’t. I thought perhaps it would need more than one coat, but it didn’t get any lighter as it dried, and I really liked the weathered grey look it gave this piece. I did the entire cabinet and still had plenty of shoe polish left over.

Okay, so I did use rubber gloves a little bit. I was so excited I kind of got carried away and rubbed shoe polish all over me and everything in the surrounding vicinity. It really did a good job on the paint, I love that crackled look.

After I let it dry I had planned on using a coat of this clear paste wax that I bought at Habitat for Humanity Store for $.70 (SCORE!), but it really didn’t need it. The polish has completely adhered to the paint. I could probably still add the wax, maybe after all my kids have graduated high school and I have nothing else to do. But, for now, it seems to work without it.

Antiquing with shoe polish finished

Here’s what it looks like all finished. The grey color seems to work well with the pastel blue and yellow walls in the Boys Lounge. I will get around to painting in this room one of these days. But for now, it’s okay.

It’s not perfect, but I like it. After I filled it with the boys games, home school books, projects and do-dads, they even have plenty of extra space. The only other thing I did which I haven’t mentioned, was that I painted the inside of the cabinet. I used white latex paint on a rag and rubbed it around so it would look aged like the exterior. With all the items on the shelves, it blends in perfectly.

Not bad for a days work.

Designer Mom

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Antiquing with Shoe Polish|Designers Sweet Spot|www.designerssweetspot.com

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  1. What a fun site! So glad I found you via Sew Many Ways link party! I'm also the mother of 4 boys :o) Gotta love all that testosterone! I'm excited to follow your 31 days of Pinterest projects!

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