31 Days of Pintrest DIY: Day 14 Salad Bowl Mirrors

Mirrors mirrors mirrors!

I love bits of mirrors in a room. It bounces the light around and makes everything seem brighter. These beautiful mirrors from Pintrest are perfect in every way. Except the price that is. This set retails for a whopping $369.00! OMG!

You can get the same look with some wooden salad bowls from the thrift store, some craft store mirrors and  craft glue. You will also need a hammer, picture hanging nails, and some little picture hangers.

The first thing I did was to attach the picture hangers on the back of the bowls with little nails.

Depending on the thickness of the wood, you may have to tap the ends of the nails down a bit from the inside of the bowl so they won’t scratch the mirror.

Slather your mirror with craft glue. I use Tacky Glue, it’s the best stuff in the world.

Glue the mirror inside the bowl.

I had one bowl that needed a bit of stain to match the others. I used some leftover Minwax that I had from another project. It dries quickly, I love that.

My bowls are not all the same size or color, but you cannot tell once they are hung on the wall.  Also the larger bowl had a wooden center to hold nut cracker tools which was easy to unscrew. The mirror of course covered up the hole from the screw, and it looks just like all the others.

I may look for some more bowls to add to my collection. If I were doing it all again, I may perhaps hang them a bit lower on the wall, but oh well.

I spent $.69 cents on the small bowls and $2.99 on the larger one at the thrift store. I also spent a total of $6.00 on the mirrors to go inside the bowls, for a grand project total of about $12.00 since I already had the  picture hangers, stain and glue. They are slightly smaller than the Pintrest originals, but from time to time I do see larger wooden bowls at the thrift store, so if you like the larger size it wouldn’t be difficult to find materials. Definitely a far cry from the original $369.00 price tag.


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