31 Days of Pintrest DIY: Day 19 Wool Headband

One of the temptations in blogging is to not be honest with the readers. I of course, would have an incredible guilt complex and would be kept awake at night by any discrepancies in my blog. I would love to say I have produced 100 percent fabulous results recreating everything that inspired my on Pintrest. Alas, some projects have been great, some have been a total bust, you just never know what you are going to get.
For this project I was inspired by the beautiful embroidered wool headbands on Pintrest like this one:
Felted wool and embroidered headband

I love this look and thought it would be easy to re-create. Why do I think these things?

I started with an old wool sweater that had been felted by washing and drying it in hot water. I had also purchased a plain headband and some embroidery floss. I was off to a good start, or so I thought.

I was planning on using the sweater for more than one project, so I cut off the neckline and decided to use it to cover my headband. I stitched it into a tube and covered the headband form.

Then I used needle and thread to close the ends over the headband.

I experimented with some different embroidery designs, but it has been so long since I embroidered, I really couldn’t remember how to do it. and since I was riding in a car for 3 days without any computer access, I decided to scrap the fancy work and just go geometric. Ekk, perhaps embroidery was not such a good idea after all.

This is what I ended up with, an x pattern of sorts. Not perfect, but it works. Over all the headband is a bit bulkier than I would like, but I am sure it will feel more warm and cozy come colder weather.

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