31 Days of Pintrest DIY: Day 22 Jewelry Organizer

Jewelry Organizers

This one is actually a re-post. My original idea came from Pintrest of course, so I figured that it counts in this blog series. I am home from a whirl wind trip to Florida, and desperately trying to get caught up on things around here. I wasn’t planning on taking a trip this month, but an opportunity presented itself, and it turned out it was a great trip. Amazing how God does that isn’t it? Here I was working diligently along on my 31 Days of projects, sometimes working on 2 or 3 of them at a time, and then WHAM, God gives me a break that I didn’t even know I needed. Amazing.

I am terrible at organizing. People like me are the reason that books on organizing stay at the top of the New York Times best seller list for weeks at a time. I can look at a pile of stuff for weeks on end and still have no idea what to do with it. Occasionally though, I do have moments of inspiration. “Pockets” of organization as one of my friends calls them. Recently I was inspired to put together this little project for organizing my jewelry.

It’s an easy fix for all those big chunky items that don’t fit in your jewelry box.

I started with these salvaged frames that a friend gave me. They are a pale veneer finish which was in good shape, so I didn’t bother refinishing them. I also happened to have some leftover vintage Toile fabric scraps from the curtians I made for our bedroom. I love Toile. It’s very chic, Pottery Barn is showing lots of it this season.

These frames came with foam core that was already cut to fit. SCORE! Foam core is great stuff.

I cut the fabric to size using the foam core, leaving a generous 2″ border.

I drizzled a bit of glue along the edge of the foam core…..

And pressed the fabric into it.

The corners required a bit extra glue to hold the fabric in place.

Edge touch ups may be required if the glue cools and dries too fast. This could be because my glue gun is from the Middle Ages, like before I had children. Someday, maybe I will get a new one.

I put the foam back into the frame after all the glue had dried.

Then I added a second piece of foam core to the frame, the same size as the first, to create stability and give the back a clean finish. My frames came with the picture hanging wire. I hung them side by side with little picture hanging hooks and nails.

That’s it! I use T-pins to hang my necklaces, bracelets and watches. I keep the really heavy necklaces on the Venus statue that my Mother brought me from Italy. The little red mirror belonged to my Grandmother, along with the dresser. You could double the T-pins or use push pins for heavier jewelry items if needed. They would also work for dangling earrings, but I don’t have many of those so I keep them in the jewelry box with my rings.

Fun project for a rainy day!

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