31 Days of Pintrest DIY: Day 7 Fall Table Decor

I love all the beautiful table decorations on Pintrest. There are so many clever ideas. Here are some of my favorites:
Cute fall table decorations.
Love, love, love this bunch of roses stuck in a pumpkin. Normally I see roses like this at Aldi’s for $3.99 a bunch. Of course, the day I decide to go and buy some, they only had red ones. It’s okay, you all know I don’t have a pumpkin to put them in because I blew my entire budget on a puny little bag of apples in my previous posting.
So, then I loved this table setting:
fall table decor
Simple and effective. But then I saw this one:
Fall table decor
Oh, my goodness! What could be more beautiful with urns and wicker and gold glassware? And the perfect white pumpkin?
fall table decor
Well, perhaps this one with the squashes and Indian corn. I love Indian corn.
Fall table decor
I love this too, with the rustic piece underneath it all, and the apples look so good. Beautiful.
Here’s what I ended up with. A bit of everything since I couldn’t make up my mind. I know that is not unusual for me. I often have this problem.
Our table only seats four and limits my table decor options. I had purchased a remnant of ticking to use as a tablecloth, but I decided it was a bit too much pattern.
I like the darkness of the wood with the fall colors, so I removed the table cloth. I picked up the grey and beige candles at the thrift store for just a few dollars. They are not the same color, but I like the variety in the colors.  I found the little pumpkins at Aldi’s for a very affordable $.39 each. The leaves came from a craft store garland that I ripped apart. It was only $1.99. I used glass candle holders and tea lights that I already owned to complete the display. And let’s not forget the precious apples we plucked from the tree ourselves. 
I found this poem about fall and I loved it. I decided to share it with you.
Behold the apples’ rounded worlds:
juice-green of July rain,
the black polestar of flower, the rind
mapped with its crimson stain.

The russet, crab and cottage red
burn to the sun’s hot brass,
then drop like sweat from every branch
and bubble in the grass.

They lie as wanton as they fall,
and when they fall and break,
the stallion clamps his crunching jaws,
the starling stabs his beak.

In each plump gourd the cidery bite
of boys’ teeth tears the skin;
the waltzing wasp consumes his share,
the bent worm enters in.

I, with an easy hunger, take
my entire season’s dole;
welcome the ripe, the sweet, the sour,
the hollow and the whole.

Laurie Lee
Dining in style with candles tonight…………
Designer Mom

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