31 Days of Pintrest DIY: Day 24 More Burlap Pillows

Okay, I know I did this yesterday. But, I just couldn’t stop. I had a sleepless night last night, I had all these ideas rolling around in my mind and I just had to see them through or it would drive me crazy! Have you ever had a night like that? Perhaps it’s just me.

Anyway, I got right to work today and here’s what I came up with. I posted this wool and burlap pillow yesterday.

I decided I am going to be in love with ponies for a while. I may even become obsessed with them. I even had them in my dreams last night.

Today, I made another pillow. I used my scraps of wool and more burlap.

I stenciled another pony on a scrap of felted wool.

Then I sewed it onto the white burlap, sewed it up and stuffed it with more miscellaneous stuffing I had around the house.

I love the reverse effect just as much as I loved the first pillow.

But wait, then I found these burlap rice bags laying around the house. I knew all would not be right with the world until I made those into pillows too.

I should be able to sleep tonight.

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