31 Days of Pintrest DIY: Day 27 Flag Frames

This was supposed to be my Veteran’s Day post. I got so distracted with all the things going on around here, that I completely forgot about it. We had a couple of family birthdays, an Explorer’s First Night presentation (more on this later), and to top it all off, it was SNOWING and I just had to have a fire and was hypnotized by the flames to the point of sleepiness and I haven’t gotten anything done the last few days. Anyway, that’s my sad story……………only a few more posts to go in my DIY 31 Day series! Stay tuned!

I love the way flags have become fashionable. They are all over Pintrest and there are endless ways to make or display own. I love the way these flags are all framed and hung together. They make a great presentation.


I started with some salvaged frames. I had a stack of them left over from another project. The birch veneer frames came with foam core which was already cut to size for each frame.

I darkened the frames using plain old brown shoe polish. It was really easy to do with the little foam dauber that you use to apply polish to your shoes.

 Just rub the polish on and blend it in with the foam applicator. You can build up several coats if you wish to achieve a darker color, but I only used one for my project.

I used the same finish on all four of the matching frames. Then I let them dry for 24 hours.

I used an old flag that had some frayed edges, and cut it into four parts. I chose to have only the stars in the first frame, and lined up the stripes to make the other 3 equal frames. I hot glued the flags on to the foam core, and put them in the frames. I love the way they look hung on the wall close together.

This is our Music Lounge. It’s where we keep all our musical supplies. Instruments, music, tuners and the like. It’s a place where our teenage boys can have jam sessions with their friends. Someday I hope to add some electric guitars and perhaps a set of drums.

I think the flags really an a very Bruce Springsteen-ish sort of vibe to the space. The pop of red really brightens up the room which is windowless and sometimes very dark. The red bamboo vases were purchased at a neighborhood garage sale for $2.00. I love it when good neighbors have garage sales!

Thanking all our Veterans for their service!
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