DIY Twig Star

I have been admiring all the holiday star decorations on the web. There are so many different ones, the more the better it seems! I especially admire the rattan stars with lights. I don’t really have much in the way of stars, so I decided to make one. It was super easy.

I started with 5 twig sticks that I cut from sucker tree in our back yard. I wanted a large star, so my sticks were about 3 feet long.

I gathered some red raffia that I purchased from the Dollar Tree and some scissors.

I layed out my sticks on the ground in a star shape.

Then I tied a knot with handful of raffia (I used 5 strands to be sure it would hold well enough) around the joint of the sticks. 

I began to wrap the raffia around the sticks, pulling it tight. I left the loose ends hanging out so I could use them to tie the finish knot later.

Wrapping the raffia from front to back and over lapping it from left to right, I began to make an X pattern on the front of the twigs.

After it felt like it was holding the twigs in place securely, I tied the ends off on the back side with the loose ends from the first knot, and trimmed the ends so it wouldn’t show.

I re-positioned the twigs on the ground to be sure it was still the shape I was looking for. Then I went on to wrap the next joint.

Easy, huh?

Before I knew it, I had finished all the outside joints.

Then I started on the interior joints for extra durability.

I added some lights and hung it outside. I love the way it turned out. Yes, it’s hanging on a string. Yes, I am a little bit country…..just a bit. Enough to play with twigs anyway.

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