The DIY Advent Calendar

We love Advent calendars. We have had many different versions of them in the past. However, none of them survived our recent move.  I loved the new version from Pottery Barn with the cute little galvanized steel buckets. Adorable!

Galvanized Metal Advent Calendar
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Apparently every one else loved it too, because they are completely sold out. What a shame! Guess we’ll just have to do it ourselves!
Rather than building a frame to mount the buckets in, I decided to use this little wooden cubbie hole box for our calendar base.

I searched every where for galvanized buckets that would fit in my little cubbies, but I couldn’t find any. We started with some wooden ornaments, and then made these origami boxes out of pages of printed Christmas carols that fit into the holes.

There are many different styles of origami boxes.  We used a smaller cube for most of the days, and then made a larger box for St. Nick’s Day (Dec. 6th) and Christmas Eve. They are rather simple, even I can do it. Here’s a quick You tube video tutorial:

I put a few little treats in each box and a little larger something in the two special boxes. We had a blast making these while listening to a Christmas story on CD. We numbered them with a marker for each day of the month. Ta, dah!

I love that we can throw them away when we are done and not have to take up precious storage space with more decorations. We can always make new ones next year, or perhaps something different will inspire us. Who knows?

Underneath our wall calendar, I added a burlap table runner and some rag ball ornaments that are made from vintage hawaiian shirts. The more red and white the better! You can learn how to make a rag ball in my previous DIY post here

I can’t wait for my amaryllis to bloom. They are a fantastic red color. Am I rambling? Sorry…

St. Nick waits at the other end of the display. I prefer to call him “Santa Dude”.
What does your Advent calendar look like?
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