31 Days of Cleansing: Day 14 Smoothie Bar

Good day to you! It’s late afternoon, and my tummy is rumbling, time for a healthy snack! I have discovered that it is so much easier to eat healthy when everything is conveniently located. I used to belong to a health club that had the most wonderful Smoothie Bar. It was modern and colorful and there were baskets of fresh fruit that just looked so delicious! This was in addition to the handsome young guy with the too tight t-shirt and bulging biceps who would flash you one of his brilliant white smiles and say “Hey, what can I get you today?” Who could possibly resist a smoothie like that? You had to get one, in hopes that by some miracle a little bit of fairy dust made it into your smoothie and you would suddenly turn back into a beautiful young princess, instead of an over weight middle aged mama , and walk out of there looking like Raquel Welch. Seriously! I am still waiting to look like Raquel Welch…..Seriously!

At our house, space is limited in the kitchen. So, I moved our smoothie equipment to the dining room buffet.

I also painted a big chalkboard on the wall above it to advertise my “special of the day”.  I bought some fun colored chalk and all the yummy supplies for just about any flavor smoothie.

Here we have lemons, oranges, grapefruit, avocado and kiwi. The little yellow mesh bag at the top of the display is full of colored chalk for the chalk board.

The mesh bag is nothing more than the bag the lemons came in from Aldi’s. It was so darn cute, I couldn’t bear to part with it.

These are a few extra additions that we love to use in our smoothies. Natural peanut butter, a bit of honey, and ground flax seed meal. I’ll have more recipes with these items soon!

I also added some bottles of sparkling mineral water and some straws from the Dollar Store to our smoothie bar. The German Gerolsteiner Mineral water is my favorite and can be hard to find, but we love S. Pellegrino mineral water too. The mineral water makes delicious low-cal drinks when mixed with fruit juices. More to come on this!

I put out my Ninja, which is the best drink mixer ever, and my favorite protein mix.

Tera’s Whey is an excellent protein mix which is made locally in Reedsburg, WI. Their drinks are made of completely pure ingredients. Since we have dairy issues it’s hard to find mixes that don’t have dairy, soy or are full of chemicals. I love this goat whey flavor, but they also have a dark chocolate that is totally fabulous. You can purchase Tera’s Whey at their website, or at Whole Foods.

I love using special glasses for healthy drinks, it makes me feel like I am doing something special for myself. I got these malt glasses at the thrift store. We also love these plastic Blender Bottles that I found on Amazon. I gave each of our kids one in their Easter basket one year, along with a sample protein drink of course. The bottles are color coordinated, which is great, each kid has their own color so we don’t get them mixed up. The bottles contain a little wire ball, all you have to do is add your protein powder, water and shake it up. It’s a great thing when you are on the go with no time to make a proper smoothie.

The finishing addition is a batch of homemade protein bars. They have been disappearing from my kitchen at an incredibly rapid rate. I’ll have the tutorial on that for you tomorrow!

Let’s eat healthy today!

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