31 Days of Cleansing: Day 21 Rose Water Toner

Hello world! It’s a balmy negative 5 degrees here in Wisconsin. I have not left the cozy comfort of my living room in almost 2 days. I keep repeating to myself, it is not cold outside, it is not cold outside, like a broken record. I almost even believe it. Almost.
I am cranking through my project list for my 31 Day series on Cleansing. Hard to believe there are only 10 days left! Where has January gone? In case you miss some of it, here’s a quick recap:
We have Cleansed our bodies both inside and out. Let’s take care of the inside first! Try some of these recipes to give you energy!
We pampered our bodies with home Spa Treatments. Give it a try, you’ll be hooked!

We have cleansed our homes in some rather unusual ways:
And we cleansed our minds with some really great books:

I don’t know about you it sure is working for me because January is flying by! Onward to today’s post….

Herbal infusions have been around a long time. One of the most well known is rose water. Roses have many excellent healing properties. Various parts of the rose are used in healing, rose petal infusions are very beneficial for most skin types. Even if your not a real rose person, you will enjoy the feeling of this light toner.

Infusions are very easy to make. For this infusion you’ll need 2 tablespoons of rose petals, rose essential oil and water.

Commercially produced roses may have chemical residue which should be removed before making the infusion. Soak the rose, stem and all in a bath of lukewarm water with 1 tablespoon of bleach for a few minutes to remove the residue, then rinse. Remove from the water, and allow to dry. Pluck the petals from the bud, he loves me, he loves me not is completely optional.

In a small glass bowl, cover the rose petals with 1 cup hot water. Allow to cool. Then add a few drops of the essential oil. You can do this with any combination of flowers and herbs. You can also try geranium, lavender, calendula, or chamomile blossoms.

That’s it! It’s ready to be bottled. I kept the rose petals in my bottle because I liked the way they looked. This water will keep for up to one month in the refrigerator.  To use apply to damp skin after cleansing with a cotton ball for a beautiful pick me up.
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