31 Days of Cleansing: Day 4 DIY Olive Oil Wood Polish

Home keeping is something I never seem to do enough of. There is just not enough time in the day for me to do everything I want, and no matter what, there are always things on my to do list that repeatedly slide to the bottom. Sometimes, they slide to the bottom for years on end. It’s sad.

This was the case with my favorite cutting board. Last night, in the middle of the night, I occurred to me that perhaps I should oil it. It hasn’t seen a drop of moisture since the day I purchased it. Years ago, I remember using “Food Grade Mineral Oil” on my cutting board. This was during the Dark Ages (life before children). I don’t remember ever seeing that bottle since then. I probably didn’t really know what Food Grade Mineral Oil was ( I still don’t), and it sounds suspiciously like a petroleum product that I wouldn’t want to use on anything that comes in contact with food. I came to this conclusion at about 2:00 am this morning.
I remembered reading about using olive oil on wood. I pulled out my bargain bulk olive oil container and decided to give it a try. I wouldn’t be using any Extra Virgin oil for this purpose, but I can justify using my cheap olive oil.

The minute I put it on, I could see a big difference. It was incredibly dry, kind of like my skin in the depths of winter.

I was amazed at how fast it absorbed, and how much better it looked. I decided I was really on to something. I looked around for other wooden items to experiment with.

My knives also had not seen moisture in the last century. I rubbed oil on the right one, I couldn’t believe it. Way back in the depths of my mind, I remembered it looking like that one day, when it was new.

I also oiled my Grandmothers wooden salad bowl. Who knew this would work so well? 
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