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I have had more fun looking at all the projects other bloggers have posted as being their most popular reads of 2012. There sure are some really talented people out there! I have been so busy reading, that I am currently behind on writing my own material, but I decided to put together a few of my own best reads, just to say I did it! These results are based on Google Analytics, which, I will be honest, I never really look at. However, I am learning so much from all you experienced bloggers, that this sounds like the way to go about it. Here we go!

Starting with number 5 in the list of my Best DIY Projects of 2012 is my posting on how to make Simple Dollar Store Gifts. These are so fun and easy! They are also great projects for kids to make:

I love the Dollar Store and plan to have more Dollar Store projects in 2013!
Back in September I did a little mini-series on DIY Cleaning Products

It surprised me by coming up as number 4 on my list of Best DIY of 2012. I have been making my own cleaning products for a long time, and I just assumed everyone else already knew about it. Wrong!

One of my first DIY Projects was this one, which came up as number 3 on my list: Vintage Postcard Table.

I was still working full time back then and I didn’t have time for a lot projects. But I love how it turned out. It is still beside my bed. And it even looked great with Christmas decorations on it.

Number 2  on my Google Stats came from my 31 Days of Pintrest Inspired Projects that I did back in October. Okay, I really finished it in November. I tried, what can I say. I am putting together a list of these posts for easy reference, coming your way soon! The Christmas Wine Bottles turned out to be extremely popular!

And my most popular DIY post from 2012 is {drum roll please}:
 Who knew? I will have more sewing tutorials in the future!
I guess the simplest things are sometimes the best.

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