Conclusion of 31 Days of Cleansing

Here we are at the end of my series on Cleansing! January has come and gone, February is here! Time to wrap it all up. I hope you are able to try something new to cleanse your mind, home and/or body. It’s easy to make your own spa products, time for just one more!

Remember all those cute little jars I found? And all the easy DIY Products we made to fill them? I finally went back and created labels for them. They look ever so much better. 
Remember the  DIY Dandruff Remedy that I cleverly called Hair Tonic so my kids wouldn’t be embarrassed to use it? My kids love it, no more flakes! Yeah!
Or the DIY Hand Remedy that I have labeled Almond Creme? I am pleased to report that the ingredients haven’t separated at all. My jar here is almost empty because my mother recently came to visit, and she LOVED it. Mother’s Day will be easy this year….
How about the DIY Toothpaste? Super easy, but looks ever so much cuter in it’s own labeled jar.
By the way, the labels were easy and fun to create, I will share my secrets on label making in a separate post! 
Notice the empty jar on the right? Yup, today’s topic is…..DIY Conditioner!
In my research on Conditioners, I have discovered that just about anything goes! I’ve seen recipes for banana, strawberry, kiwi, mayonnaise, avocado, milk, olive oil, coconut milk/oil, carrots, eggs, beer, aloe, cantaloupe, yogurt, vitamin E, honey, apple cider vinegar and even powdered milk! The basic ingredients are the same: you need a moisturizer such as an oil, a protein, and something that removes residue that can build up on the hair and decrease the shine.

Here’s what I came up with! I decided to use an avocado (provides moisture), 1/4 cup olive oil (also a moisturizer), 1/4 Cider vinegar (to remove buildup), 2 Tablespoons of Hemp protein powder (for protein), and 2 Tablespoons honey (for the nutrients). 

All you have to do is put it in a food processor and blend it all together.

The cute little jar and label are optional, of course. Apply to your hair, leave on for 15 minutes and rinse.
Knowing that the avocado will not keep very well, if you intend to store this conditioner for any length of time, I would recommend pre-mixing the ingredients without the avocado, then add the mashed avocado when you are ready to use.
That’s it! That’s the end! 
The long and the short of the entire series has been to seek out ways to make healthy, organic spa supplies with little cost, refocus the mind for positive results, eat healthy, and be aware of ways we can gravitate toward simple living. In a nut shell, we will be more effective doing Christ’s work here on earth when we have focused our minds, bodies, and senses on Him. All in all, we will be better able to carry out His instructions when He calls on us. What’s more important than that?

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