How to Make Labels for Your DIY Projects

I recently made labels for my DIY projects, it was not nearly as difficult as I thought it would be.  Here’s how I did it! 
How to Make Labels for Your DIY Projects|Designers Sweet Spot|
Remember the DIY spa products I made a while back? I finally got around to making some real labels for them. Making labels was not nearly as difficult as I thought it would be. I thought I had to have a lot of fancy software like Photoshop or Adobe Design programs, but I didn’t need them. Not at all. This is how I made labels for my DIY projects.

Labels for DIY Projects After

I came across these oval labels from Avery at Walmart recently. Suddenly the light bulb went on inside my head. You see I had been trying to figure out how to make labels like this on my own for a while. I never thought to cruise the office supply isle to see what style labels were available. For some reason I only thought you could buy mailing labels and colored labels for pricing junk at garage sales. I am a little slow sometimes. I had no idea you could buy these beautiful oval labels to print on your home computer.
To make great custom labels, all you have to do is head over to Avery. Enter your label product number into the field on the left, and click Go.
Avery has already done all the work for you. Click on any of the pre-designed categories on the left to view pages and pages of them. They have designs for holidays, parties, weddings, sports, just about anything! You can choose from any of these pre-made designs, or create your own. I spent hours looking at all of them. It was so hard to choose just one!
I ended up selecting this circle design. Avery allows you to add your own text, change colors, even add borders, the sky is the limit! I love how you can work with an individual label by clicking “edit one” or make them all the same by clicking “edit all” (in the right had field) if you want them all to look alike. You can even save your work to come back to later, or make additional complementary designs for matching business cards, mailing labels, stationary, etc. How cool is that? When you are done, just click save, preview your design, and print! If you get stuck they even have a live chat to help you.
In the end I decided on a one color design. One other option they have is that you can upload a photo from your computer to use on your labels, like I did in the top left label on my page. I had a striped piece of paper that I took a photo of and then re-colored it. I uploaded it in the back ground behind my text, and then added a Clip Art star burst design for fun. There is so much you can do with these! Who knew? I can’t wait to make more. Avery sure makes it easy! Check it out, you won’t be disappointed!

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How to Make Labels for Your DIY Projects|Designers Sweet Spot|

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  1. This tool made custom label creation a lot easier. Now, you have a very personalized label for your spa products. You can now sell them if you want. I think you could make a fortune out of it. Thanks for sharing this idea! ->Jessie Henn

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