Last Minute Valentine Gifts

It’s Valentine’s Day! Wow where did that come from? The last thing I knew it was Monday and here it the 14th already. I normally don’t do a lot of fussing over Valentine’s Day, but with my oldest son going off to college next year, I figured I had better live up to my Super Cool Mom reputation, and cough up the goods for this special holiday. I can’t have him going off to college and telling all his friends “My Mom isn’t as super cool as I thought she was”, now can I?
I had stashed away a few goodies a while back for this occasion. It’s not much, just some raspberry “hugs” candies, some gummy hearts, and a few stickers from the Dollar Store.
I also happen to have these cool white Chinese food boxes that I saved from our last take out order. General Chao is very popular at our house. You can buy little boxes like this at Hobby Lobby or the Dollar Store.
After I filled them, I added some heart stickers to the outside of the containers. Trash never looked so good!
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