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It is a beautiful sunny day here in Wisconsin. The snow is finally beginning to melt. This is a good thing, hopefully we have seen the end of the ice storms. I am finally recovering from my week of accidents last week. The bruises are healing and my cut finger is now more manageable. I am finally getting around to the final Easter preparations. Today, I decided to work on my Easter table setting.

I came across this sweet little set of vintage turquoise dishes at a thrift store recently. I immediately fell in love with them. How can you not love turquoise? I immediately envisioned them with little nests of edibles. I also loved them with the Butterfly Napkin Rings that I made.

I happened to spot this adorable idea for serving Easter candy on Pintrest. This interesting metal disk is a chicken feeder. I connected it to a mason jar instead of the white plastic jar that is supposed to work with it. It’s more for looks than practicality since the candy is too large to slide down the channel into the bottom. But, I love it anyway. It’s easy enough to refill the bottom with candy when it’s empty. Those Peeps, they sure do eat a lot!

I had a lot of fun filling this second chicken feeder with smaller candies. Of course, I HAD to eat the ones that didn’t fit. I wouldn’t want my kids to see them before Easter or anything.

So, did you notice those little stick things in the first photo? They are Chinese noodles. This is what they looked like without cooking. Okay, but somehow not exciting.

They come in a bag like this. My teenage son taught me how to fry them in oil. It’s really fun! They explode all over the place! I made a little video of it below:

I am not very good with videos, but you get the idea! I drained them for a few minutes on paper towels and the made the “nests” out of them.
I love how enticing they look! Now you can feed your Peeps!
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