Easy Key West Limeade

 A few days ago, we had the most wonderful spring day. It was warm and sunny outside, and for a moment it was easy to forget that it was only spring. It felt more like summer. We sat out on the deck, drinking in the sunshine sipping Easy Limeade.

I often make drinks from bottled juice concentrates. It is so much more cost effective! Usually, I use bottled lemon juice, but I happened to find this brand of Key West Lime Juice at World Market recently. You may also be able to find it at the grocery store. We are totally hooked on it! It’s easy to make a big pitcher of Key West Limeade with bottled juice concentrate and sugar.

For a large pitcher I use one cup juice concentrate and one cup sugar. Then I fill the rest of the pitcher with filtered water and stir. 

It’s really that easy! I love it because it’s far cheaper than pre-made juice concentrates and  has no corn syrup! We added the strawberries for color. 
Note to self: buy cute little colorful drink umbrellas before summer.
Have a big glass of spring today!

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