Poultry Project Week 2

We have entered our second week of our Poultry Project. Already our little chicks have grown considerably. They are fast getting their adult feathers, which has caused us to have to make some adjustments in keeping them safe and healthy.

We have had some beautiful warm days here with temperatures in the mid to upper eighties. Warm enough for our little chicks to spend some time outdoors in the sunshine. We put together this temporary pen for them made from four panels of wire and wood that we found in a pile of junk behind our tool shed. I don’t know what the former owners used them for, but they work great for our purposes. Since it is open at the top, we cannot leave our little chicks outdoors unattended. We have a number of birds of prey in the area, and our little girls would make a tasty lunch.

In the off hours, our little chicks are indoors. They have already outgrown the little plastic box we had them in for the first week. They were beginning to peck at each other, and definitely needed more space. I did some research on the net, and came up with the baby pool solution. It has worked great. The birds are still not airborne, so covering it doesn’t seem to be a problem yet. We added a layer of fine pine bedding, and they seem to be enjoying their new space. We also have been able to raise the heat lamp a bit. They will be weaned off the lamp by the time they are outdoors permanently.
Cute and curious. You can see their adult plumage coming in on their wings, tail and around the neck.  They will be all white with black and white feathers on their wings, tail and neck when they are mature.
They seem to be pretty healthy, although a few of them had trouble with their back sides getting clogged up. They technical term escapes me, but I basically had to soak their little butts in warm water and remove the poo that was stuck on with a tooth pick. If their vents get clogged, it can be fatal. Not fun, but they seem to be doing well since then. I am the Poo Master!
Our chicken tractor is nearing completion. The girls will love their new space out doors. I am anxious to see how they will change in the next week. They are so much fun to watch! Our boys think they are a hoot. Any Chicken Run movie fans out there? It’s all true, they really do behave like that. Who knew?
Tune in for Week 3!
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