DIY Key and Burlap Lampshade

We are having company this week. I have finally gotten around to making the guest room/office a bit more inviting. This is a basement room, so there aren’t a lot of windows, a good lamp is essential in this area.

I found this vintage style lamp at the thrift store some time ago for just a few dollars. The shade also came from the store and I was sure they would work great together until I got them home. The problem was that the lampshade had a fabric lining which hit the bulbs on the lamp and would melt if turned on. I looked lots of places for a different shade but it seems lamp shades that fit this particular style lamp are hard to come by. Most of them are designed to fit under the bulb, not go over the bulbs. I was stumped, and for a long time the lamp sat shadeless in the guest room.

Then one day, I recalled my Father’s massive key collection. Wham, I had an idea! He has hundreds of vintage keys that he has been collecting for more than 50 years. If you ever need to unlock something, he’s your guy. I convinced him to part with some of his beloved collection for my project. The one criteria he gave me, was that he wanted to be able to borrow them again if he needed to unlock something. Sure Dad, you can borrow my lamp anytime.

The keys are made from rusty brass, and various metals. Who doesn’t love a bit of rust these days? I was sure I saw my roller skate key from the 3rd grade somewhere in this pile. Dad saves everything.
I rounded up some split key rings, some were 24mm some 20mm. I even used a few paper clips for variety.
I removed the fabric from the lamp and attached the keys to the rings. Then I arrange them around the bottom of the shade in two rows. I tried to vary color and size of the keys and rings as I worked my way around the lamp. Also, they keys are rather heavy and I had to balance them or the lampshade was hanging at a funny angle.
I wanted to fill in the top part of the frame with a different material to diffuse the light. I had some chevron printed burlap ribbon from another project and decided to use it here. I cut the ribbon to size, folded the ends over the top and bottom of the frame. I used my favorite Tacky Glue to glue them in place. The clips and clothes pins held the pieces tight until they were dry.

The burlap works great to diffuse the light. I love the way the key fringe jingles and jangles when you bump the light.

The chicken wire frame holds vintage post cards and pictures. It’s a fun conversation piece with visitors.
I love rustic touches in the home. 
If you ever need to unlock anything you know where to find me.
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One thought on “DIY Key and Burlap Lampshade

  1. Your shade is adorable! It is really hard to find the old style shades these days ~ Even when you use the ones that go under the bulb, they just are never straight! And such a thoughtful way to hang the keys, at the ready for when Dad needs them hehehehehe!! Cute ~ Judi

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