Rouge’ Coop

It’s been a while since we had a chicken update. The girls are getting bigger and fatter all the time. They eat like there is no tomorrow. I have discovered that they like leftovers from the garden, weeds or overgrown lettuces and pea hulls, just about anything. It’s actually quite handy to throw them a handful of yummy things to eat now and then, and it saves me a trip to the compost pile.
I put the final coat of paint on the coop, I shall call it rouge’. What girl doesn’t love red accessories? 
Alfredo and her clan look fabulous with the rouge’ coloring on the coop. They are still shedding white feathers and seem to get creamier white ones all the time. 
Their red crests on the top of their heads are also developing, and are very chic accessories indeed. 
I painted only the outside of the coop, no way was I going to attempt to tackle all the little nooks and crannies inside.
See what I mean? We have been having some cool weather, and I was a bit concerned at how warm the girls would be, but it is very snug and dry inside the Chalet. A friend made the suggestion of adding hay bales on the outside of the coop to winterize it, we may give that a try as the seasons change.
I had these vintage hotel labels my Mother gave me, and I couldn’t resist adding a couple to the end of the coop. Apparently, my Great Grandfather brought them back from his world travels (have I told you that our family never throws anything away?). There are labels from Germany, Switzerland, Greece, France, and Italy. I find them facinating!
The 4 year old little boy who lives next store came by while I was out Mod-Podging the labels on. I had an interesting conversation with him, trying to explain why I was decorating the chicken coop with silly hotel labels. Some things are better left unsaid.
I have been working on some other projects with these labels which I will share soon, but for now, I love the fun look it gives the Chicken Chalet Hotel! Ha!

We haven’t gotten any eggs yet, it may be a few weeks until that happens. All for now! Stop back again for more on the Chicken Diaries!

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