Gifts Wrapped in Glass: Day 12

I have been waiting to do this project for a long time. I just love the Ombre effect that has been popular all over the internet lately. Whether it’s on a wall, a dresser or on a jar, it’s just a beautiful graduation of color.
Of course, I had to make it a part of GIFTS WRAPPED IN GLASS.

I started this project with three small mouth quart jars. I also included three flower frog lids, and the bands for the jars.
I took them out to my trusty tree stump in the yard where I do all my spray painting projects.

My paint of choice was Krylon. No particular reason, I happened to like the colors. I have Emerald Green and True Blue.
As soon as I started painting with the Emerald Green, I knew I was going to love this project. The paint has a translucent effect on the clear glass of the jars.
I gave the jars a light coat of the green and waited for it to dry. The paint dries in only 10 minutes, so I didn’t have to wait long.
Then I painted the bottom portion of the jars blue. No real pattern here, just eye balled the color about half way up the jar.
While the jars were drying, I gave the lids a quick coat of the Emerald Green paint. Just a light spray was needed.
When they were dry, I filled them with the birthday flowers that my family brought me. I love the pop of color the jars make.
The flower frog lids are a great tool for making beautiful flower displays. I love how they blend in with the jars and the stems of the flowers. You really don’t see them at all.

Who knew Ombre Mason Jars would be such a simple and fun project?
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8 thoughts on “Gifts Wrapped in Glass: Day 12

  1. I can’t believe how great those jars turned out! You got a perfect paint job on all three of them. I wanna give it a shot myself but I’m afraid they’ll turn out terrible… haha.

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