Gifts Wrapped in Glass Day 13

I have decided that Mason jars are the perfect vessel. They come in so many different sizes, you can use them a thousand different ways.
I am partial to clear glass just because it takes on the character of whatever is inside. Take this Gardener’s Jar, for example. Not only can you see how pretty the contents of the jar look, but it has very practical applications for growing things inside of it.
We have a number of birthdays in the family this month, including the gardener in the bunch. I found these Paper White bulbs at Walmart, and knew they would make a great addition to GIFTS WRAPPED IN GLASS. I also found a package of beautiful mint green gardening gloves. Who doesn’t need those?

To fill my 2 quart jar, I added a bit of brown paper shred from the Dollar Store. Had I known I was going to make a Gardener’s Jar, I would have bought some pebbles to use in the bottom of the jar instead. However, I didn’t want to make another trip to the store just to buy pebbles, so I figured the shred would work. 
Always go with the flow.
To make the lid more festive, I covered it with striped Wasabi tape. I also fitted the lid with a pretty floral cover that I cut out from some craft paper.
Then I decided to spell out the words Paper Whites with alphabet beads. I used the raffia to string them along with a bow around the top of the jar.

The jar is filled with the paper white bulbs, the gloves and the brown shred.
If I was giving this jar to a novice gardener, I would also include directions for forcing the bulbs to grow in the jar. As it is, my sister in law is a master gardener, and I know she will understand what to do.
I think I need to make one more trip to the store for Paper Whites.
I need some too!
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