Gifts Wrapped in Glass: Day 19

Welcome back to Gifts Wrapped in Glass!
It’s a beautiful day to create something!
I have had a big bag full of flight maps that pilots use for a while now. My son is in pilot school and someone gave him a ton of paper maps that he isn’t using, so he blessed me with them. I love their unique nature and beautiful soft colors.
My first thought was to do a paper mache project with them, which turned out to be a total disaster.
I happened to see this great idea on Hometalk, posted by Domestically Blissful
Then I came up with the Map Garland in a Jar.
These little rosettes are made from map pieces, glued and threaded on a ribbon.
I started by cutting the maps into strips 3″ wide by 10″ long. Each strip was folded into 1/2″ accordian style sections.
I used a paint brush with Tacky Glue to adhere two sections together in the center.

Then I folded the sides together and glued them as well.
At times I had to glue the center together a second time.
Patience is a virtue in this project.
To finish the rosettes, I glued a metal snowflake in the center.

A hole was punched in the top of each on and they were threaded on to a narrow 1/8″ ribbon.

I think I am going to love how they look on the Christmas tree. Tune in again for more information on this project, I am still working on it!
Meanwhile, this garland is a gift. I packaged it into a two quart Mason and added a piece of the map onto the lid of the jar.
I also made a paper snowflake out of the maps and used it as a gift tag.
A pretty bow completes the gift. 
Looking for more Mason Jar Gift ideas? Here’s the link to the entire series:
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