Gifts Wrapped in Glass: Day 2

I have been trying to write this post all day long. I started out with good intentions this morning, but there have been a number of things that have gotten in the way. Namely, one little green, slimy thing. But, I am getting ahead of myself….this is my story:
I went outside on the deck this morning to fetch these two little succulents that I had purchased earlier in the summer for todays GIFTS WRAPPED IN GLASS project.  It was a beautiful sunny morning. I had stuck these little plants in a red makeup case with a few rocks early in the summer and I know they will need to come inside as the weather is cooling off. I reached over to grab them…..
(do you see it?)
and I spotted this little green froggy in my container. I screamed bloody murder and went dashing back into the house for protection. After I recovered myself I came back outside with my camera and took these photos. I came to the realization that without intending to, I had created a perfect ecosystem for him in this little mini-garden. I had rocks of different shapes and sizes, sun and some shade, lush vegetation and source of regular water (me). Who knew?
Needless to say, I did not touch the plants. I came back an hour later. Yup, he was still there. Then I came back after lunch, sure enough the little bugger hadn’t moved. Darn. So I went shopping hoping he would be gone when I got back.
I bought these cute little wooden tags at Hobby Lobby for today’s project. I stenciled a monogram on them for each jar using a Sharpie pen and some small stick on stencils.
I also bought this little fairy garden Polka-Dot plant for today’s project. Every where I went, I saw a little green frog in the back of my mind. I began to feel very guilty for destroying the little guy’s ecosystem. I bought some replacement plants to switch with the succulents that I needed for this project.
I also got a small bag of potting soil from the garden center and some raffia. Then I went to the pet store and picked up a bag of aquarium pebbles and a bag of activated charcoal.
I had plenty of Mason Jars on hand to choose from. When I got home, I pulled out several styles of wide mouth jars. This jar is technically not a Mason, but my succulent was too wide to fit in the jar that I had planned to use. It’s a jar, so it counts. Right?
I began to plant the jars by layering the pebbles, charcoal and potting soil but then the phone rang and I had my hand stuck down in the jar and spilled the whole works trying to get to the phone. I decided to hell with it, and mixed all the ingredients together, and filled the jars about 1/3 full.
Mason jar with succulent
Mason Jar Terrarium
Then I added the plants, and gave them a bit of water. The charcoal keeps the plant and soil from getting moldy. It really works well in containers that don’t have any drainage.
You can use any number of plants in the jars: succulents, ferns, etc. Your garden center can help you choose what is most appropriate.
Then I added some raffia and the wooden tags. I also put the Mason jar bands over the top of the jars for a finished look. I was going to add some moss on top of the soil and a few decorative stones, but my jars didn’t seem to need it.
I did find room for a craft store butterfly though. Grandma’s silver tray just seemed to make the whole works more interesting.
As for froggy, well, he is still there. He’s still traumatized by my screaming at him. I can see it in his eyes, the poor dear.

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One thought on “Gifts Wrapped in Glass: Day 2

  1. I find it so interesting to see what's in our garden…even when it's not what we were expecting! We used to have a small water fountain by our back entry and there was a little grey and white frog that really enjoyed it…he was so cute!!! (No, I didn't want to touch him or anything, but he was cute!) Love your sweet gifts wrapped in glass, they look so pretty!
    Thanks so

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