Gifts Wrapped in Glass: Day 20

I was in a hurry today. All day long. I had people calling me, texting, asking for things, waiting for me to get things done, etc.
It was stressful
You know the old saying ” When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping?
Perhaps you don’t. Perhaps that was before your time.
What it means, is that when I am stressed, I have this tendency to go shopping for myself
I am sure you have never done this.
Today’s Gift Wrapped in Glass, is for me.
I know, it’s completely shameful.
A Jar Full of Roses….
A while ago, when I was outside painting some of my other jars, I experimented with Krylon’s Gold and Copper spray paint.

I started with a plain, one quart, wide mouth Mason Jar.
I sprayed the outside of the jar with a bit of water from an old spray bottle. It was not a scientific process. Just enough to get the jar wet in spots, I did not wet the entire jar, just parts of it.

I sprayed the jar with the gold paint right on top of the water. first, I waited for it to dry. Then, I used the water spray on it a second time before I applied the copper paint.
The jar has been sitting empty on my shelf for a couple of weeks since I painted it.
The result is this beautiful vintage copper glass appearance on the jar. I absolutely love it. 
It has been waiting for today, when I happened to spot two big bouquets of white roses on sale at Aldi’s for $3.99. It’s not even my birthday. Or Christmas, or any other holiday that matters.
A Jar Full Roses, a self indulgent gift for less than $10.00.
I can’t even begin to feel guilty over that.
Indulge yourself today!

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One thought on “Gifts Wrapped in Glass: Day 20

  1. Ohhh. This is so neat. Am I the only one who longs for a non real copper ish refrigerator instead of gray stainless that is not warm like this jar?!! I now want these two spray paints to try on a glass something. I even have some roses still blooming. The paint would be my indulgence!!! I've so enjoyed all your inspiration for jars!!!

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