Night Stand Redo and the iPad Mini Giveaway

It’s Sunday morning. Normally I take Sunday’s off from blogging, but I am excited to share another part of the Boys Lounge Redo.
I am still in the process of painting. Okay, to be totally honest I haven’t even started yet. You see, my $4.00 gallon of paint just didn’t work out.
It was BEIGE.

I tried to fix it. Really, I did. I added red. Then I added blue. Then I added brown. It was still BEIGE. No go.
I am just not a BEIGE kinda girl. 
So I had to buy a new gallon of FULL PRICE paint.
Yes, you read that right. I actually paid full price for something.
I think that paint is the first full price thing I have purchased in my 3 year blogging history.

I needed to redeem myself.
So, when I spotted the above BEIGE glass nightstands at the thrift store, I knew they were the perfect thing for the Boys Lounge Redo. The boys desperately needed more storage and I loved the double drawers on these night stands.
One of the drawers on this stand was cracked and chipped, which is probably why they gave it to the thrift store to begin with.
I repaired the cracks with some powered putty called Durham’s Rock Hard Putty and let it dry over night. Then I sanded down the chip and painted over it with Rustoleum Silver Metallic Spray Paint.
I love how they turned out! The repair completely disappeared after a few coats of paint. 
You will see more of these nightstands in the big reveal tomorrow!
Don’t miss it!
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