Advent Calendar with Treat Bags

It’s a bit late for this post, but I am doing it anyway. Someone out there may need to be inspired to create an Advent Calendar even though it’s Dec. 4th already. Wasn’t it just July?
I am slow. Somehow things just sneaked up on me this year.
Is it sneaked or snuck? 
Never mind….
I found these little treat bags in the bridal decor area at the Dollar Store. I shopped for them for days, did you know little bags are hard to find????
I loved how perfectly they were sized. I spent last evening in front of the tv stenciling numbers on the bags with a Sharpie and filling them with treats. Somewhere between NCIS and NCIS LosAngeles I finally finished them.
Then I punched a hole in the top and added some colorful bakers twine and a bit of greenery.
I hung the bags on the chalkboard that is painted on the wall in our dining room. I found these beautiful crystal nail heads to hang them on. I love bling  it is so festive for the holidays!
My little white tree was a find at the thrift store. It sits in a metal tractor box which helps it stay upright.  
The tree seems to have a tipping problem, which is probably why it was at the thrift store.
That’s okay, I like it anyway. A few old shoes in the box help keep it in place. I knew they would come in handy some day.
My favorite chicken ornament watches over the calendar. Can you spot her?
Today, our youngest son was the first to claim the treats. We have the philosophy that the early bird gets the worm. It was early 7am, not bad for a teenager!
He claims that now, we are officially ready for Christmas. Other than the REAL tree, of course. 
That will be tomorrow’s project.
But first, I have to rearrange the living room.
There is always something going on!

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