Garland Card Holder Frame

I have been working on our mantel decor for Christmas. It never seems to look right to me, I find the stone fireplace somewhat distracting, not to mention the big, black fireplace surround.
The fireplace reminds me of Darth Vadar for some odd reason. It seems to lurk in the corner of the living room, stealing all the joy and thunder from everything else around it.

Do you have a Darth Vadar in your house? Then you know what I mean.

This year I decided to focus on displaying the Christmas cards that come in the mail. I love getting cards, so be sure and put me on your list okay?
I have had this frame sitting around for a while. I couldn’t decide what to do with it. Until today.
I attached a cedar garland to it with some floral wire. My garland was 25 feet long, and I had enough left over for another project. I used about 10 feet on this large frame. 
A few strands of picture wire and some clothes pins hold the cards inside the frame for viewing. Since I haven’t gotten any cards in the mail yet, I added some cards from last year to try it out, and presto! A card frame was born!
Incase you are wondering, I bought this beautiful cedar garland at Costco.

A couple of candles, some stockings and my collection of vintage skis make for a fun presentation. My kids love the giant pine cones.

The other side of the mantel sports some odds and ends of ski poles. I am still looking for skis to go with them.
By the way, if you are wondering who won the iPad Mini Giveaway, we still haven’t announced the winner. We have been trying to contact people via email, so check that spam folder!
You may be the winner and don’t know it yet!
Can’t believe it’s the first of December, where has fall gone?
More Christmas projects to come!
Have a great weekend!

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