Gift Wrapping

I have been in a flurry of activity the last few days. Racing around, shopping, shopping, wrapping and wrapping. I have even been making last minute gifts, you know the drill. You are probably doing the same things at your house.
I have no energy left to be creative with the wrapping process. I just want to be done with it. I am tired of being busy, being a Martha. I just want to sit and be Mary.

I want to sit at the Lord’s feet and be ready to worship His birth on Christmas Day.

It shouldn’t be that hard. But it is. We all know the truth, down inside.
I decided to take the easy wrapping route, and buy the giant pack of four matching papers complete with bows and tags for $6.97 at Walmart. It’s kind of wrapping for dummies.
I even color code our packages to make things easier on Christmas Day. Immediate family members gifts are wrapped in blue and silver.
Gifts for people outside the immediate family are wrapped in red.
It’s an easy way to help control the chaos. Less for Martha to worry about, more time for being Mary. I usually go for the fabric ribbons, but there just wasn’t time this year. Martha’s business.

There are storms coming this afternoon and tomorrow. I am okay with that. I am done with racing about and being a Martha. I am just going to sit and knit by the fire, and be a Mary.

How are you preparing your heart for worship this Christmas?

The greatest gift of all, didn’t come in a package.

Take time out of your day to be a Mary and prepare to worship on Christmas Day.

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