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Now that the  holidays are over, I am feeling OLD. Old enough to start using a good wrinkle cream.
I have never worried about things like this before, but the onset of grey hair has made me reconsider my previous opinion.
My sister recently became a Nerium consultant. She is a licensed esthatician in California, and recommended trying Nerium. I had never heard of it before.
Things in the midwest here, are a bit on the slow side sometimes.
I placed my first order and this is what arrived. A bottle of Nerium AD Day Cream and a bottle of the Nerium Night Cream. I was surprised it was only two products. I was expecting cleansers and toners and a million other things, but it’s not. Just two basic products.
This works for me. I like things that are basic and simple. The way you use it, is cleanse your face and neck, and apply the day cream in the morning. At night, it’s the same process, but with the Night Cream.
That’s it.
I must tell you this is THE BEST PRODUCT I have ever used. I actually gave up buying facial products a long time ago because none of them seemed to help my skin. In past years, I have even taken to making my own facial products to save a buck and hope that they would be better for my skin. This has not brought me the results I had hoped.
I am very particular about what products I buy. I have lots of allergies which make highly perfumed products not an option. I also avoid any products with chemicals such as sodium laurel sulfate, which I am allergic to and is in nearly every cosmetic on the market. I have very limited options. Perhaps you have some of these same issues.
I have combination skin, very dry in spots, especially during the winter. Since I turned 40, I have struggled with acne and rashes which I have never had before.
After only a couple of weeks of using these products, my complexion is completely healed. My skin does not feel dry, all my breakouts have disappeared. 
No, I am not being sponsored to write this post. I am merely sharing a great product with you.
I have added a Nerium page to my website. You can click on the tab to place an order. I am hoping to get 3 people to try this product. With my third referral, my product will be FREE.
Yup, you read that right. Refer three of your friends to Nerium and your next months product is FREE. Why pay full price, when you can get it free?
There is more if you interested. Like if you choose to become a Nerium representative and have 25 people ordering under you, you will get a FREE LEXUS. I am not much of a sales person, but this sounds like a pretty amazing deal to me.
Still not convinced? Want to know more?
Nerium has lots of videos and before and after pictures on their website, check out my link on the top right tab of the blog. A number of celebrities are using Nerium, including one of the guys from ZZ Top, which I think is hilarious. Who can see wrinkles behind all that hair and beard?
CBS recently did a story on Nerium, check out this video:

You can contact my sister Jenny directly for information at 805-889-2920 on how to become a Nerium consultant or buy their product.
Have a great day!

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