DIY Heart Garland

I hate being busy. It makes me cranky. It makes me sad. It makes me CRAZY. I am one of those people that need to have down time to be functional. Lately I have been so busy I can’t stand it. I haven’t even had time to make my To-Do Lists over my morning coffee.
I can’t imagine going through the day this way on a regular basis. I wouldn’t remember to do anything if I didn’t write it down first. Or have coffee.
So yesterday, when the world was covered with another thick layer of ice, we cancelled the days events and stayed home.
Peace, at last.
It gave me a chance to work on my latest decorating project. Hearts. Lots and lots of hearts.
The other day when I was in the fabric store I bought a bunch of felt on a whim. It was on sale, and you just can’t resist a good sale now and then. After all, nineteen cents a sheet is a pretty good deal.
I bought felt in white, purple, lavender, pink, hot pink and red.
This a quite a step for me. You see, we don’t have anything pink at our house.
When your house is full of men and boys, pink just isn’t a color you have around. Not ever.
I cut out a variety of heart shapes and traced around them with a marker onto the felt. You could also use a number 2 lead pencil. I filled each top piece with the heart shapes, repeating them until the entire top piece of felt was covered.
I purchased 3 pieces of felt in each color, I cut the hearts out through all thicknesses. The great thing about felt is that it sticks together so this was a pretty easy task. I didn’t bother with pins or anything like that. Felt also does not have a nap, so don’t worry about placing the hearts in different directions.
Then using red thread, I sewed the felt pieces together, running the stitches across the top of each heart and adding a different color and size heart each time.
I love how colorful and festive it makes the mantel in our living room. Still looking for some more fun things for the rest of the winter mantel display, but the hearts are a good start.
I also sewed some hearts together vertically and hung them in the windows with suction cups. The loose threads at the end of the garland make for easy hanging, just tie them in a knot.
Time to relax and cozy up to the fire with a good book.
Heart to Heart.

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