Nerium AD Before and After

Our winter weather is notorious for playing havoc for your skin. Constant wind and dry, cold air tends to leave your skin cracked and sore.
A while back I started using the Nerium AD skincare system. It includes a day cream and a night cream.
I love it because it’s only two products and it’s all natural. It gets shipped to me monthly and I am currently waiting for my second shipment.
I have been using the products for a little more than 30 days at this point, and already I can tell a huge improvement.
I am one of those people that suffer from extremely dry skin in the winter, and even with the sub-zero weather we have had, my skin is looking good. I have not felt dry and itchy as I usually do this time of year.
I also find that I have significantly few breakouts, mysterious rashes and dark spots compared to my “before” picture.
Even my forehead is clearer. I have not changed my diet or any of the products that I use on my face ( which really isn’t much of anything since I don’t care for about 99% of what’s on the market today).
I have never felt comfortable in front of cameras. I was always the kid who stuck out her tongue in every family photo. This post is no different, I am having nightmares that I will scare you all away and you will never read this blog again. Stick with me okay?
Another common problem skin area for many people is the neck. I haven’t noticed a dramatic difference here yet, but will keep you posted. The Nerium website has tons of dramatic before and after pictures for you to see. I will be retaking photos each month to show the improvement using this great product.
You can click no my Nerium Shop tab to learn more about this Nerium, like how you can get your product for FREE with the help of 3 friends who try it. Now that shouldn’t be hard, right?
One more thing, Nerium is a product you can sell. If you are interested in having a thriving home business, call Jenny at 805-889-2920 for more information.

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