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Late afternoon is my favorite time of day. I am finally awake, the kids are done with their schooling, and I am able to sit and contemplate the day’s activities with a hot cup of tea.

Most of the time.

Somedays things just don’t work out according to my schedule. I also find that I do most of my projects in the late afternoon and take pictures of them before the sun moves away from my kitchen window and it gets too dark.

I also begin to cook dinner around this same hour. This is not usually a problem but some times all these things collide and I find myself a bit hurried.

Stressed is probably more like it. I bet you didn’t know that being a blogger was stressful.

Part of my blogger stress has to do with creating projects. Once I get going, the creative mode sets in and things really begin to happen. But, sometimes it’s a slow process. I found this CD crate in the trash last fall (I think you can buy them at your local craft store such as Micheal’s. I had no idea what to do with it. It’s been sitting on my back porch in the snow for several months.

I also had this roll of beautiful moss covered bark (maybe it’s paper, but it looks like bark). I got it on sale at Hobby Lobby with the 40 percent off coupon.

Yesterday afternoon, I decided these two items would be a perfect match.

I began by cutting two lengths of the moss bark to fit the side of the crate. Using a bit of hot glue and some little picture nails, I fitted the bark along the sides of the crate pressing it into the hot glue. You may need a pair of extra hands for this process, as the glue dries very quickly.

I began with the bottom edge, and worked my way to the top. My bark wasn’t quite wide enough to reach the top edge, so I added another row of bark, layering the two in the middle.

I used some bulldog clips and potato chip bag clips along the top edge to hold them together while the glue dried. It only took about 10 minutes.

While it was drying, I rounded up an old leather belt to make a handle for the box. I cut off the buckle and shaped the end to resemble the other side.

I fit the belt to the side of the box, and screwed it in place with a couple short screws. I did have to add a piece of wood to one side where there wasn’t anything to attach the screws to hold it in place.

Then it was just a matter of filling the box.

I filled the very bottom with floral moss from the Dollar Store. Well, most of it is filled. I ran out of moss about half way through the box. I under estimated how big the box is. I will need to buy more moss the next trip to the Dollar Store.

Then I added candles, mason jars full of flowers and a few decorative nests with eggs.

I know, it’s a wee bit early for Easter eggs, but I couldn’t help myself. I was under the gun to take pictures before the sun went down and my Chinese food burned on the stove. It was all I could think of under pressure.

Our hens lay the most beautiful brown eggs. Yesterday we got only one, and I had to add it to the display. It is so perfect in it’s simplicity.

I pulled out my butterfly napkin rings that I made last year, they seemed like perfect egg holders. I wasn’t kidding when I said I was obsessed with butterflies.

As it gets closer to Easter I will swap out the jars of flowers for fresh tulips or daffodils. I may even add a few chocolate bunnies and some jelly beans.

I just made my deadline. The Chinese rice was just beginning to burn, the sun was just leaving my window, and I was finished.



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