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Have you ever had days when you have such a long to do list, you blank out? When you have a million things pulling you different directions, and you forget the one that’s really important?

Like hosting a Giveaway?????

Yesterday was my day to start the second Jung’s Garden Seed Giveaway, and I totally spaced it!

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You won’t want to miss this Giveaway! Jung’s is providing 11 packets of seeds, including 3 types of flowers and vegetable seeds. This Giveaway is valued at $30.00!  We have specifically chosen heat loving varieties that are easy to grow, so if you are a novice gardener you won’t be disappointed! I have been a long time customer of Jung’s, they have great quality seeds you can count on! Check out there website here for more information.

Leave a comment on the blog, or twitter/re-tweet the Giveaway for more chances to win!


On another note, this is holy week. Today is day #3 of my Photography Challenge. Today’s focus is “clouds”. This is a tough subject in Wisconsin. We have two types of clouds here: snow and rain. This amounts to “grey and even grayer” clouds.

That pretty much sums it up.

Wisconsin clouds are not all that interesting. We don’t get many of the the big white puffy clouds you see in other regions.  My son did a science experiment tracking clouds recently. They were the same grey clouds for days on end.

So, today I decided to use our church steeple in my cloud shots, a point of reference can make things more interesting and detract from the grey storm clouds that are on the horizon.

Did I mention it snowed this morning?


One of the things I love about our church, besides the beautiful building, is that we have a variety of local ministries. My favorite ministry, is the Food Pantry Garden. Each year our church members volunteer to plant and maintain the farm land surrounding the church. At the end of the garden season, all the food that is harvested gets donated to local food pantries.

Last year, they raised 4000 lbs. of food!

Wow! We are a truly blessed body of believers.

I tell you this because, even if you don’t grow a garden for yourself, there are others who can benefit from your gardening.

All the more reason to enter the Giveaway. You can donate your surplus if you choose!

Tune in tomorrow for another special announcement!

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