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I am probably one of the minority of people who don’t have a huge collection of sunset photos stored on their hard drive.  It’s the rainy spring season here in the mid-west and we haven’t seen much of the sun lately. When we do see it, it’s short lived, and by night fall the clouds have rolled in.

Half the time, I don’t make it to night fall anyway. I find I am usually exhausted on the couch and wouldn’t possibly have the energy to go out and photograph a sunset even if there was one.

However, when we were on vacation, there were lots of sunsets.

I had lots of energy to sit on the beach, or walk among the waves enjoying the view.

Amazing how that works.

I am struggling with lots of things right now. Our plans to purchase a home have changed, and we are devestated.

We are all packed up and have no place to go.

It’s an awful feeling, not knowing where your going or when you will get there. I don’t do well with uncertainty.

It’s really a faith struggle, isn’t it? Do you trust God to lead you the way you should go, or not?

It’s easy to think yes, but not so easy to feel it. It’s hard when you can’t see where He is leading you.

I would give just about anything to be walking on a warm beach, enjoying the sunset and completely forget all our problems for a little while.

Why is it that God seems closer on a beach? Where do you feel closest to God?

To me, it seems easier to trust and have faith with a glorious sunset. I guess it reminds me of a rainbow and all God’s promises.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there!

Enjoy the sunset today!








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