Photo Challenge Day 21: Faceless Self Portrait



Faceless Self Portrait

It has taken me days to get the right shot for this post. Time is flying by, the company has started arriving for the epic graduation at our house. I spent my week cleaning and planning for the occasion. However, nothing would keep me from missing my free Learn to Row classes.

I love it already.

Every night the sunsets are amazing.

My husband took this shot with his new Samsung Galaxy SIII camera. It takes great pictures.

That’s me in the sixth seat.

Definitely faceless.

We were learning to turn the boat around to come back to shore. It’s easier said than done with 8 people who have no idea what they are doing in a skinny boat with a giant oar.

I am only a little bit sore today.

That’s a miracle.

It’s also a miracle we made it back to shore before dark.

More inspiration tomorrow!


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