Photo Challenge Day 22: Inspiration





I have been crazy busy lately. We had an epic graduation party last weekend which I will share in a separate post. It was great! Lots of friends and family came to visit and share our special day.

We have had company ever since.

Today, I sat down for the first time to look at the more than 500 photos we took of the last few days.

Wow, they are awesome!

I can’t really take credit for most of them, my sister is a professional photographer and she took most of them.

They are amazing, let me tell you! I will share some of those too, but in a separate post.

I did take a few of them myself.

Like this picture (above) at the local botanical garden.

We both agreed that it looks like a Monet painting.

Definitely inspiring. Wouldn’t you love to have this garden view outside your window? My favorite thing is the bright green algae on the water. Love it!

Monet’s famous garden in Giverny, France is on my Bucket list. Have you every read the children’s story “Linnea in Monet’s Garden”? It’s one not to miss.

I learned lots of things from shooting photos with my sister at the garden. We were there for hours.

I learned how to use an f-stop,  how to adjust the aperture setting on my new camera and how to focus on more than one subject at a time.

I also learned that I have lots more to learn about taking pictures.

I love it anyway.

Only 4 more days until the big move. I am still not ready. Sigh.

Back to packing!

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