Photo Challenge Day 24: Animal


I love this cardinal picture. My sister took it on our recent walk through the Botanical Garden.

When we arrived at the garden, there was a sign posted that read:

” Please be aware of nesting birds. They are protecting their young, do not take offense if they swoop down at you.”

I thought they were exaggerating.

Seriously, they are birds, how dangerous can they be?

But after the third time my son was pecked in the back, we realized they weren’t kidding.

The birds were nesting all over the place.

They were also dive-bombing anyone with dark hair to scare them away from their precious nest.

A man told us that dark hair looks like feathers to birds.

Therefore, they believe you are a threat.

I wonder how he knew that?

Interesting, huh?

After he put a light colored hat on, the birds no longer bothered our boy.

It was fun to see all the birds in action, of course, they never came after me.

We tried an experiment with my new telephoto lens and used the sports setting to catch the birds rapid movement.

It worked like a charm.

I love auto-focus cameras.

I could share dozens of beautiful photos, each one just as perfect as the next.

Who knew the sports setting would be so useful?

Can’t wait to go back to the garden again.

Note to self: Don’t forget to bring a hat.

Only 3 more days until moving day.


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