The New House Tour: Summer 2014



Welcome to the New House Tour! We are finally moved in and getting settled a little bit more each day.

I still can’t find my shoes.

Or the sheets for all of the beds.

I am dying to paint and decorate.

I am sick of boxes. My legs are full of bruises from tripping over them.

I want to go HOME.

I want a house that’s clean, with everything in it’s proper place, a house that doesn’t smell funny and has windows that open wide for the summer breezes.

I want my garden to be planted, and all the work to be done, YESTERDAY.

Alas, it will be a long time before my visions come true.

We are now settling into a charming little cape cod home. It is situated on a quiet street not far from the lake.

This means that there are 10X the mosquitos that are last home had.

First thoughts, I would love to chop down those scraggly bushes out front and put up a flag for the 4th of July.

I also think a few hanging ferns would be very charming hanging on this porch.

This is the living room. It’s the first room you enter, and I love 6 over 6 windows and the the hardwood floors. It has baseboard heating which is also a big plus for those of us with allergies.

On the downside, this is a north facing room. It is very dark with the beige walls and the covered porch.

I think it would be smashing decorated in white.

I can also see a mantle on this far wall. Every living room should have a mantle.

Off the living room, we have the kitchen/eat-in combo.

It is very small, you can stand in the middle and touch all four walls without too much effort.

The cabinets are sold wood, probably originally to the home from 1961. The cabinets have been painted white, which is okay.

However, they are horribly laid out and it took a good deal of organizing to fit my family sized cookware into them.

They will be the first things to go when we gut the kitchen next year.

Until then, I will be on a mission to make them work.

The tile back splash isn’t too bad, the floral tiles are outdated and not my taste at all.

A plus: the appliances are all in good working order, and the sink is actually Corian with a nice European style faucet.

The eating area is far to small for a table, we are working on options at this time. More to come on this at a later date.

This is the recreational room in the basement.

I hate it.

It’s pea green, with the ugliest bar you have ever seen.

The carpet is a lovely stained beige.

There are spiders everywhere.

The only plus is the track lighting.

That’s not saying very much.

The bar is plywood and has carpet staples hanging out of it all over the place. It has an uneven top with two hideous shades of vinyl. To top it off, the wall behind the bar has a giant hole in it.

The previous owner left a few broken bar stools behind as well.


There is lots of room for improvement here.

Tons of room.

Frankly, it’ couldn’t be much worse.

One redeeming feature of this home is the huge back porch. It is easily twice the size of the living, kitchen and dining rooms combined.

It must have been an add on to the house, as they never removed the outdoor porch railing.

I don’t mind, I find it rather charming.

I love the rustic barn boards they used to finish the inside of the porch.

I didn’t even know they were there until we moved in.

The porch is full of floor to ceiling windows.

I can honestly say this is probably my favorite place in the entire house.

I look forward to dining out here.

I have already taken naps here, and I am sure I will take more naps on this porch.

One of the other great features in this room is the giant Ben Franklin Stove.

I can’t wait for fall.

I love fires in the fireplace.

The bedrooms are all about the same size in this house.

Several of them are painted the same pea green.


This is the master bedroom. It has a slightly higher ceiling than the other rooms, and two closets.

The best thing about this room is the full ceiling height. Most cape cod homes have low ceilings upstairs.

This room lacks charm and pizzazz.

I can see it in white with a fabulous feature wall of some sort.

This is one of the other bedrooms. It is painted a deep shade of periwinkle blue.

Not horrible, but not what I would choose.

It is currently being used for storage, there is much work to be done to make it livable.

That’s about it, hope you enjoyed the tour.

Time to dive into the projects!

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