How to Save Money When Buying Paint

Basement, before photo

Hello friends! You are probably on vacation or perhaps getting ready for a big July 4th party!

I am at home, working like crazy to get some projects done before leaving for the Haven Conference next week.

I started on our Mid-Century bathroom, you can read more about it here.

I spent several days searching the thrift stores for some great bathroom accessories, I hope to have it all finished and put together by the end of the week!

I also found my inspiration for our basement redo, and have some great DIY projects in store for this room!

It’s been a busy week!

Meanwhile, my Mom came to town. When Mom comes to town, THINGS HAPPEN.

She loves to paint (guess it’s genetic!) and we attacked the basement project today.

It took us several hours to clean it before we painted. We sucked up 2 entire vacuum bags of spider webs and creepy crawly critters!

Then we had to purge the 100 or so empty booze bottles the former tenant left behind the bar.

Seriously! Why would anyone save all those empty bottles?

They filled an entire dumpster!

At last it was time to paint!

This is the room in progress. I found a major bargain on paint, 4 gallons of mis-tinted white paint on sale at Ace Hardware.

The color is Clark and Kensington’s Silent White.

How did I choose this color?

Simple, it was white.

Yup, that’s it.

White mis-tinted paint.

What is mis-tinted paint, you ask?

It’s the mistakes. The paint that got too much yellow, or too much brown, or the customer just didn’t like.

The stores mark it down and put it on a shelf in the back of the store.

Sometimes you have to ask where it is, because they don’t really want you to see it.

The store would much rather have you purchase full price paint at $30.00 or more per gallon than to have you buy the mis-tints at $8.00 per gallon.

Since we do not own this home and are just renting, I can’t justify buying full price paint. The paint for this room cost me only $32.00.

I love mis-tinted paint.

You can check the hardware store, the Home Depot, Lowes, Ace, etc. for mis-tints. Habitat for Humanity often sells full gallons of paint as well at great prices.

I have been known to carry paint swatches in my purse for months until I find just the right color on the mis-tint shelf.

Sometimes, I speed things up by buying a gallon of a similar color and mixing my own.

For the white, it wasn’t really necessary.

I took the 4 gallons which varied slightly in color and mixed them together. Guess what color it was when I was finished?


Perfect! The room looks so much brighter. We opted to not paint the ceiling for right now, although it badly needs it. I think I may rent a paint sprayer for that project at another time.

A sprayer would probably work much better to cover those textured ceiling tiles than a roller would.

Now that the painting is done I can move on to the decorating!

Have a completely awesome July 4th holiday!

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